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I miss SAN FRancisco

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I miss SAN FRancisco

I am ready to move


3rd one… love and interaction. LOVE??!! Yeah… it sounds cliche, but I guess everything in this world… if you want it to go well, it must be based on Love
I read an artice once, which says people become more interested in you as you are in them. Some instructors just come, keep blabbering while students are yawning, sneakily checking facebook from their mobile and keep hoping for the time to pass quickly…. and those instructors just end the class session with another short speech. From the students reaction, you can tell that those instructors are boring people. It’s sad to teach for 10 years and be forgotten right when you dont teach that certain class anymore. You fail to do your job, and you may fail as a human by wasting your time doing things nobody care Actually I was inspired to write the third problem when I finished watching a dorama where a teacher is regretting his being He teaches and nobody cares… and it all changes when he starts paying attention and begins to love his students. The students start loving him, and get motivated to learn from him.

It’s not like things in dorama doesnt happen if that’s what you think. It does! I’ve got a killer instructor once. He transparently corrected our mistakes in front of everyone with the way you’ll never like. He embarassed you so… with his words, but you couldnt get back at him because he was just out of your reach. Style? Brain? Charisma? He got em all But as we went on with our major, we knew he only did that so that we tried to change… so we wouldnt be embarrased anymore. As time passed, the instructor still looked unfriendly but deep inside, everyone loved him. It’s a true story.
Third Lesson : love your job and people who are part of them. They make you who you are and make your job becomes more worthwhile. People are measured by what they do, if you are fail at whatever it is, well… consider you fail to become anybody

Aside from that, I still love English, Basdat, and Aljabar They’re still challenging and I just cant miss any of them. That Risal guy looks like he is like any of other boring instructor, but he is actually different. At least recently I noticed he tried to slow down and he used simpler terms often… he makes the class seems fun too by sharing a piece of his mind Basdat is fun as HELL… poenten becomes harder and challenging to get, yet it makes it seems worthwhile!

Guess appreciating what life throws at you is not bad at all. Makes you less stressful and happier. It may even be part of destiny’s play. What I truly need to make my DREAMS COME TRUE!!

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Posted on February 24, 2010 by Jupiter Bullet
I’m entering the third weeks of the 2nd semester. Still feel like playing aroundUTS is still a long way away. It’s easier to study when you treat it as a game, when it’s as enjoyable as playing a real game. That goes for BASDAT practice session (not the theory though… it’s boring… drives me to sleep with a total memorizing concept) then PBO, everything Math related and English.

English is COOL!! wish we could’ve done more though. We’ve gone through our first presentation… it’s so short and our class ended just like that. I did bad so I wanted to do morebut ahh well… there’s still another chance, and with an instructor like Mimi… class will be worth to look forward to.

I never really think highly of ASDOS (instructor’s assistant)On the 1st semester, we had 2 girls as ASDOS. I had to play nice with them to get them to assist me. They’re also in charge of giving score to each of our performance. It was so-so my experience with female ASDOS.

For web programming, we had Ko Mike assisting us. He’s one nice guy, TOO NICE I think. People person is what’s best to describe him. I thought I was always good with web programming but I came to realise that I was wrong right on 2nd semester

A new ASDOS was introduced to us, he is in charge of PBO practice class. He should be a little older than us but he is ONE SOB ASSHOLE!!I’ve had two classes with him up till now, but none of it really helped me get a better understanding of the materials. To make things worse, he likes to SHOW OFF and we never realised that we had the disadvantages until it’s over. Last week, this guy gave us two normal exercises which were easy, and a special exercise which was not supposed to be hard but we COULDNT DO IT because we werent taught the formula yet. We just realised after he broke the answers to us. We requested the answer because we wanted to learn but he didnt want to give it to us. WTH??!! He said we had to look for it ourselves. YEAH RIGHT!! and it happened again this week… knowing we couldnt solve new exercises, he said it’s better he didnt give another exercise because we’d be at disadvantages with low scores, but even so… he gave us QUIZ!! what’s the difference here?? It’d only lower the class standards!! If he realised we were not up to it yet, he should’ve given a better explanation or make sure we can do it before he tested us.

I.T. in Maranatha is doomed if this keeps up. Students dont understand and yet they’re given high scores… it happened to me in JARKOM class. I was doing pretty good before UTS but I did beyond pathetic after that and yet… I was given better score than my friend who was WAY WAY better than me on this subject. I even got a whopping 80 for my UAS score eventhough I didnt understand any of itI bet the instructor lost our work and had to give the score randomly. It took him too long to give us our result.

Back to POB ASDOS… he’s like an opposite of Ko Mike, with him in charge… I didnt really understand what was discussed, the way he explaining is confusing and he is arrogant and hateful, but with Ko Mike… everything is a breeze. He taught us patiently and kindly. Now that I think about it, I could pass Web Prog with flying colours thanks to him!! If he wasnt around… I dunno if I could like the class because I’m sure I’d hate the class because I wont really understand it as better with him around.

Some of us have given up on this POB subject because of this boring ASDOS who only wants respect that he’ll never get. Sadly, some of us who were very enthusiastic during Web Prog are losing hope and not interested in the subject anymore. I hope there’s still any book in the library that could help Programming is fun and it’d be a waste to let this guy ruin the fun.

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Nigakki da!!
Posted on February 11, 2010 by Jupiter Bullet
Second semester is here!! up to the 4th day of it, it’s hard to tell that it will be interesting. Assuming things are not good, so I’d just call this guessingSeems like Rizal-sensei, Mimi or Mini again? Forgot her name, and Fured-sensei are the only ones that didnt drive me to sleep from the introduction session. Haven’t really got to know the materials and stuffs, but what’s important is the instructors. Even the most interesting subject will seem dull if the instructor himself teaches half-heartedly or is not confident with himself.

That Rizal guy seems like an open-minded instructor,
Fured sensei broke the old-school style by introducing the poenten system and…
Mimi is….. well… I had hoped for a foreign instructor who never came in the end but at least Mimi is WAY WAY WAY BETTER than the previous instructorIndonesian and Chinese are the easiest to speak English with.. and she speaks fluently and clear!! At least I’ll be able to improve on my favorite subject!

Another passing-through valentine…
Why do the girls hardly give any chocolate to guy? Isn’t that the purpose of this so-called valentine day? If only it’s like in Japan *sigh* drama in life…
It bugs me every february… Being so picky, maybe I’ll have to continue fighting with J-Idols and anime girls in mind…

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Starting OVER


Starting OVER

People are so FAKE at times, They don’t…


People are so FAKE at times,
They don’t know what direction in life they are headed…..
I know I am moving forwards, never backwards, not sideways only upways!!!!
So those that HATE and put me Down,
I am turning the frowns right side
and all the way around!!!!

When a girl is motivated she will do wha…

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When a girl is motivated she will do what it takes to make things right between Families….
No matter what it takes,
No matter how many mistakes she makes she will never give up!
She hangs on and remains strong thru the storm…..
She will always remain calm and always learns to get along!

When a boy is motivated to get things in the right direction he keeps his mouth shut and keeps pressing on!
Boys are smarter than girls in different ways,
This is a no longer a secret it’s all about the truth!

People should stop lying so much,
and keep their mouths shut…….
Because they are different in so many things!
Talent comes and goes
Which direction in life,
Only God and You know!

I was always ahead of the years 10 thousand years ago…..
Already ahead of the Show……
How do I know?
The Bible tells me so!

Thank God is ahead of my Life….
and I will always move forwards in a new Direction
Thank God for living Right every day….

No matter where,
No matter how long it takes….
I will just be me…..
and keep pressing on…..
Until God comes to take me Home!

So I am thankful for my E&T….
Thankful and grateful for my E&J……
Without them I wouldn’t Henessy and be without my Remi!

So I will be a Ruff Ryder for LIFE!!!!!
I will try not to be ashamed what these Haters said or did….
One day when I make it BIG……
It’s not how low can I go it’s how HIGH can I Rise!!!!!

So here is the Answer Sky High…..
This angel in disguise will keep soaring HIGH!!!!

I am fishing in the deep blue sea

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I am fishing in the deep blue sea
So if you ever want to see me, myself, and I….
you are gonna have to stop lying to me…..
Do I have to repeat myself again?????
No because I WILL change my number every week if i have too
Just to climb under this rock and find all my white socks?????

So I have a one band stand
and not a ONE NIGHT STAND!!!!!
So get lost in the sauce and find a new BOO
Just stay true to BLUE, brown, Orange, and WHITE!!!!!

We take care of all those Tax payers
and all the damn HATERS
Just keep my name out your mouth so I can clean it up like CREST baby
Cuz I am the BEST…….in the WEST baby….

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