Every day we make excuses keeping us from doing one thing or another. Why? What do excuses help us to achieve? Many people, myself included, have made excuses why not to change jobs, no matter how miserable you may be. You might say, I’m making good money, the benefits are really good here, or I don’t want to go through the trouble of rolling over my 401k. Others make up excuses about their health, I don’t have time to work out, vegetables taste bad, or there’s a pill that will take care of that. With simple statements like those we don’t even consider looking for a new job which might pay more or have better benefits. We don’t take 20 minutes out of our day to go for a walk, do some crunches, or even try healthy foods. So what causes us to make these excuses?

A negative attitude established through negative thinking develop excuses. When people see change they often make excuses because change is scary to them. Change brings up questions we may not have all the answers to. Many people come up with negative answers without giving it a second thought. If every answer to a question about change were negative, why would you ever consider a change? People who look at change from a positive perspective get results. By accepting that change might be a good thing you open up many possibilities to earn more, look and feel better, be happier, and enjoy life in new and exciting ways. Just accepting that change might be a good idea is a great step, but it’s just the first step.