We are just normal people who are tired of the same loud mouth bitches that talk shit about us,
All we want is to start life brand new……
So I just want to get married eventually
and leave the past behind,
get a new house,
and move on from the ones that talk to damn much in the first place!
I am the BEST that ever wrote and I am tired of those bitches claiming what they don’t have or what they wish they could have!
I keep starting over!
and get tired of these BITCHES hating on my cousin, family,my family and I…..
I don’t have to ever fuck to get what I want.
I got game so my ass can never be tamed,
I am the best in the game!
So just keep on passing them around town,
NASTY bitches keep getting dieases if you want to,
Cuz it’s a no-n0 on them HOES!!!!