Starting OVER


Starting OVER


People are so FAKE at times, They don’t…


People are so FAKE at times,
They don’t know what direction in life they are headed…..
I know I am moving forwards, never backwards, not sideways only upways!!!!
So those that HATE and put me Down,
I am turning the frowns right side
and all the way around!!!!

When a girl is motivated she will do wha…

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When a girl is motivated she will do what it takes to make things right between Families….
No matter what it takes,
No matter how many mistakes she makes she will never give up!
She hangs on and remains strong thru the storm…..
She will always remain calm and always learns to get along!

When a boy is motivated to get things in the right direction he keeps his mouth shut and keeps pressing on!
Boys are smarter than girls in different ways,
This is a no longer a secret it’s all about the truth!

People should stop lying so much,
and keep their mouths shut…….
Because they are different in so many things!
Talent comes and goes
Which direction in life,
Only God and You know!

I was always ahead of the years 10 thousand years ago…..
Already ahead of the Show……
How do I know?
The Bible tells me so!

Thank God is ahead of my Life….
and I will always move forwards in a new Direction
Thank God for living Right every day….

No matter where,
No matter how long it takes….
I will just be me…..
and keep pressing on…..
Until God comes to take me Home!

So I am thankful for my E&T….
Thankful and grateful for my E&J……
Without them I wouldn’t Henessy and be without my Remi!

So I will be a Ruff Ryder for LIFE!!!!!
I will try not to be ashamed what these Haters said or did….
One day when I make it BIG……
It’s not how low can I go it’s how HIGH can I Rise!!!!!

So here is the Answer Sky High…..
This angel in disguise will keep soaring HIGH!!!!

I am fishing in the deep blue sea

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I am fishing in the deep blue sea
So if you ever want to see me, myself, and I….
you are gonna have to stop lying to me…..
Do I have to repeat myself again?????
No because I WILL change my number every week if i have too
Just to climb under this rock and find all my white socks?????

So I have a one band stand
and not a ONE NIGHT STAND!!!!!
So get lost in the sauce and find a new BOO
Just stay true to BLUE, brown, Orange, and WHITE!!!!!

We take care of all those Tax payers
and all the damn HATERS
Just keep my name out your mouth so I can clean it up like CREST baby
Cuz I am the BEST…….in the WEST baby….

Okay now your old brother and I am NEW…..

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Okay now your old brother and I am NEW…..
No this ain’t no weak chick….and I ain’t two steping to any of you!!!!.
I am the REAL shit and so you need to work for you and yours!!!!
I am so special and I am tired of playing nickels for dimes!

So ReWIND…..or go SLOW
Me and my FAMILY is staying LOW-LOW
I can RISE hella high if I CHOSE to!!!!
It’s called stocks and BONDS!!!!
I need a new House with a fence and a yard!
So i know I am HARD!!!!!
Not a weakling BABY
and this little birdie will never SING!!!!
All the HOES have already SUNG….

Tu Amiga Por Vida y un dia

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Partied in Mexico about 7 years ago….
so this is how the damn game was


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okay here this GOES….
I am the WINNER of me and my Chosen ONE…..
One moon,
One Sun,
I am so tired of my Blue eyes staying GREY!!!!
Oh yeah that is his favorite color……
See baby Nelly I haven’t forgotten you neither!!!!
I am a keeper and never a street sweaper!
Thank god for my Daddy Mike…..
He still waves Hi….to me
My daddy G was taken from me….
One day I might be President…..
I don’t think this country can handle that tho!!!!
you wana know why???
All your BOOTY’S are DRY!!!!
So why not just call MY TYE!!!!!!

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