Forever and a day seems like a phone call away,
Real Love last in the heart of your SORROW!!!!
Pity Parties are not all about what is in for tomorrow!!!
Live your LIFE because every second is not promised!
Never Judge a book by it’s damn cover…
Excuse my language but I am undercover!!!!
I am never stopping, or pants dropping,
Writing Rhymes is in the matter of time!!!!
Not in my time but in HIS TIME!!!!
I had a dream that I would wake up one day….
To my world cuz that’s how picture perfect stays!!!
A wonderful memory that strings you along,
To suffer….to cry…to live and to DIE!!!!
Life goes on it’s just a matter of time!!!!
Like mr Clean said you gotta keep it smelling right..
Pine Sol baby everyday…
So what is forever and a Day….
Tu Amiga Por Vida y un dia!!!!
Speak that language that you thought you could never speak!!!!
Life life to the fullest don’t ever let your heart skip a beat!!!!
Music is the way to my heart….
Find a way to kill that instinct that lives on and just FART!!!!
Long Live the KING baby inside of me…..
For if GOD is with me who could be against me!!!!??????