Lord, keep me from OUR friends….we love the Enemies


Our Father Art in Heaven,

Howard be they Name……

Thy Kingdom Come thy Will be Done……

On Earth as it is in HEAVEN!!!!!

Give them this DAY their Daily Bread!!!!!!!

So that we may have PEACE in the Middle EAST!!!!!

We all have come to Love and Adore You…..

Even if we all LOOK and ACT like FOOLS!!!!!!

I am Happy that you gave the wisdom to know right from Wrong……

And I shall pray and Fast for they all did me Wrong…..

I forgive them because they Forgive me first….

They said I would never make it because I wore a Skirt……

But here I am and I still STAND on this Promise Land.

Mental Health was what God created for me so that we may all see….

There is no differnce……who you are to me you are all Shinning Stars!!!!!

This is a letter to all my Friends…..that thimk they know me but don’t know me at ALL…….

The ones that know me…..are still walking in the MALL!!!!!!


Welcome to the GAME

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Play my game baby….
Live to live….
DIE to DIE…..
Keeping it real with myself that’s how it goes….I wanna be married one day….Maybe….if I become LUCKY…..
Oh damn lost my number at the liquor STORE!!!!!
LOL….it’s in the crowd….I give a smile away everyday….
In return just say “HEY”,
Cuz it’s my WORLD baby….and I wanna keep it that way!!!!
Never charged for a SMILE,
Cuz they stay FREE!!!!
I can Give them away cuz they don’t cost a thing….
I am writing my book about my life here it is now come get it!!!!

Heaven or HELL

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I will live on in heaven and get my wings to fly!!!
Whether it be in me or in someone else…
The more examples I lead I simply set for myself!!!
Just quit smoking yesterday,
Put down the drugs cuz they ain’t getting me healthy no way!!!
It leads me to a place of self destruction!!!
A song that never dies in me…
a simple melody that I keep singing…
LONG LIVE the KING baby…..

Real World…..

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Real People live life every day!!!
Whether they are GAY….STRAIGHT….or just BIPOLAR!!!!
White….black….RED….yellow….orange, or grey….
God loved the entire WORLD he made it that way!!!!
So behave and give LOVE away….
cuz it’s free and don’t ever COST a thing!!!
Wishing they had love

Smile…….make the best of a STORM!!!!

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Smile and make the best of a Storm…
To every gray cloud there is a silver lining,
To every brain there lives a Damn Genius!!!!
Inside, OUTSIDE…. that’s my Story!!!
Bi-polar….ADD….it all lives in me!!!
Da1uLuV28…..yup that’s ME!!!!
I am back from the grave,
Never dead and GONE….
On the 3rd day of REHAB Which I never HAD to do…
Why ask why???
Cuz it all lives in me and this little birdie is always flying BEAUtifully!!!!


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Love lifted me to the top of the WORLD!!!!
Back up, down, sideways….and to the ground!!!
I have been to hell and back and I don’t wanna ever go back!!!
A dollar takes you a long way…
But a nickle will keep you going farther,
Like a shooting star that is hiting the ground…..
Where it lands you may never know!
I know one thing for sure is I am never looking back again!
God took my hand and he is leading me,
For I know that I want to ” SAVE GRACE….”
That’s more important to me!
Why because I am a survivor and I work independently!
Depression can no longer control me,
Love lifted me and GOD has forgiven me,
So the PAST is in the PAST and i am set FREE!

Forever and a DAY leads to tomorrow!!!

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Forever and a day seems like a phone call away,
Real Love last in the heart of your SORROW!!!!
Pity Parties are not all about what is in for tomorrow!!!
Live your LIFE because every second is not promised!
Never Judge a book by it’s damn cover…
Excuse my language but I am undercover!!!!
I am never stopping, or pants dropping,
Writing Rhymes is in the matter of time!!!!
Not in my time but in HIS TIME!!!!
I had a dream that I would wake up one day….
To my world cuz that’s how picture perfect stays!!!
A wonderful memory that strings you along,
To suffer….to cry…to live and to DIE!!!!
Life goes on it’s just a matter of time!!!!
Like mr Clean said you gotta keep it smelling right..
Pine Sol baby everyday…
So what is forever and a Day….
Tu Amiga Por Vida y un dia!!!!
Speak that language that you thought you could never speak!!!!
Life life to the fullest don’t ever let your heart skip a beat!!!!
Music is the way to my heart….
Find a way to kill that instinct that lives on and just FART!!!!
Long Live the KING baby inside of me…..
For if GOD is with me who could be against me!!!!??????

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